After taunting contestants with temperatures near—but not at—50 degrees, the mercury finally surged Wednesday.

 At noon, the temperatures touched 50 degrees, and that made Ginny LeGault of Antigo the winner of the Antigo Daily Journal’s Beat the Winter Blues contest.

 “I never win anything,” LeGault said. “This is most unusual.”

 The contest drew dozens of entries, but opportunities dwindled through March, when the temperature got as high as 47 degrees on March 8 before tumbling to more seasonal norms.

 As entries winnowed down, LeGault remained in the mix.

 “It was the first day I thought of,” she said.

 LeGault received a three month subscription to the Antigo Daily Journal. She could have extended her own subscription, but chose to gift it to “two dear friends” instead.

 There were seven entries into April. The latest suggested a not-very-optimistic April 26.