Good morning

 Good morning, Antigo Daily Journal family. After operating as a six-day a week, afternoon publication for 115 years, the Antigo Daily Journal enters a new era today.

We are mixing a modern delivery system via the Internet with Monday, Wednesday, Friday print editions that retain the familiar mix of local news and sports coupled with national and international stories of note. And it’s all coming to everyone’s door on the same day via the U.S. Postal Service.

 The “daily” on the masthead remains, since the Journal crew of professional journalists is devoted as always to provide the most complete up-to-date local coverage of news and sports, only at times it will be delivered first through the website before being expanded for the familiar print edition. And our advertising staff is working with our local partners to ensure readers never miss out on those big sales, coupon specials, legal and help wanted notices.

 We have listened to your constructive criticism since our publisher’s announcement to trim the print edition.

 The thrice-weekly Journals will be larger— today’s edition is 16 pages compared to 12 a day in recent weeks—and packed with news, sports and advertisements, including for Mother’s Day dining.

 We have also doubled-up on the popular crossword, Sudoku and cipher columns to ensure our puzzle-lovers never miss a beat. This is a work in progress, so we ask our readers’ indulgence as we navigate through a world that is as new to us as it is to you.

 As always we welcome suggestions. Contact us at or give General Manager Kathy Springberg or Editor Lisa Haefs a call at 715 623-4191.