A criminal complaint filed Thursday involving disorderly conduct, domestic abuse and bail jumping that stemmed from a Dec. 8 incident in the city of Antigo landed an Antigo resident in the Langlade County Circuit Court Friday.

Shawn Dunlop now faces two counts, involving a class B misdemeanor charge for domestic abuse as well as a class A misdemeanor for jumping bail.

The state imposed the misdemeanor charge for Dunlop’s failure to comply with the terms of a bond agreement that was filed in November following a separate incident. It resulted from his failure to comply with the terms of a $200 bond agreement entered into after a prior disorderly conduct domestic abuse incident in which Dunlop was involved. The terms of that bond remained in effect at the time the Dec. 8 incident.

Events leading up to the defendant’s court appearance precipitated after escalation of an argument at a private residence, according to the court records. The female victim told responding officers the defendant threatened her verbally during an argument over Dunlop’s drinking.

According to the victim: At one point during the quarrel, Dunlop’s threats escalated to a point where she felt concerned for her own safety and that of her children.

When officers arrived, Dunlop admitted to them that he and the victim had been engaged in an argument. Officers also noted that Dunlop’s demeanor presented with slurred speech, glazed and drooping eyelids and that Dunlop “had a hard time staying still as he was swaying heavily,” according to the court record.

At that point, officers arrested Dunlop and transported him to the Langlade County Jail where they administered a preliminary breath test that registered a 0.302 breath alcohol content.

As Dunlop’s bond agreement remained in effect at the time of the disturbance, the court record states that he “did intentionally fail to comply” with the bond’s terms.

If convicted of bail jumping, the defendant may face up to a $10,000 fine or imprisonment up to nine months, or both.

The class B misdemeanor charge carries penalties of up to 90 days in prison and/or a fine no greater than $1,000.

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