Earlier this week, Arndt’s Forest Products received their brand new 2022 Tigercat Harvester, a state-of-the-art piece of logging equipment that was manufactured in Canada.

This piece of equipment is the first to be in Wisconsin, with the only other one operating in Michigan.

Jesse and Laura Arndt, owners of Arndt’s Forest Products, purchased the harvester for $750,000 from Ron Beauchamp, owner of Woodland Equipment out of Iron River, Michigan.

“On Monday, we delivered the machine here and started orientation with Robert Arndt (son), right away,” said Beauchamp. “During this time, we walk him through the basic configurations of the machine and answer any questions he may have.”

On Tuesday, Beauchamp and his team of four others helped Robert Arndt set up the control systems to his liking and what was comfortable for him.

“We always come out on new deployments to make sure things go smoothly for our customers,” said Beauchamp. “I have a Tigercat engineering team product manager, two service technicians, a control system programmer and the district manager here for this setup.”

After getting hands on training with Tigercat specialists, Robert Arndt took over the controls and ran the machine solo on Wednesday, after putting the tracks on in the morning.

“We bought the machine because our current machine couldn’t produce the same amount of wood this one can,” said Robert Arndt, logger with Arndt’s Forest Products.

In this area, about 90% of logging done is cut to length logging, which is done with harvesters.

The harvester will cut and de-limb a tree to a specific size, pressure settings can be changed for tightness, and the harvesting head can be adjusted to do relatively anything.

“It’s a well-built, easy to run and comfortable machine,” said Arndt. “There’s lots of different settings for operators, 360-degree turning capability, oscillating balancing and the self leveling is definitely nice.”

“When a business makes a significant investment like this, we like to be here while they get adjusted and comfortable with their new machine,” said Beauchamp. “As Robert gets acclimated with operating the machine, we just let him run it and answer any questions he may have along the way.”

After four days of training, the team left Arndt’s on Thursday and will return Dec. 10 with another Tigercat trainer to dig into the configurations even deeper.

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