Gregory P. Krueger, 35, 1332 Forrest Road, was ordered to a $15,000 cash bond Wednesday, during an initial appearance in Langlade County Circuit Court on numerous drug-related felony charges.

Included in the counts is an allegation he maintained a drug trafficking place at his city of Antigo residence, a class I felony.

A number of the charges are as a repeater, in a case involving marijuana and prescription drug sales that could date as far back as April 2019.

Those repeat enhancers boost the maximum prison term to more than seven years on the maintaining a drug trafficking count alone, should he be convicted.

Further charges against Krueger include possession with intent to distribute schedule IV drugs, second and subsequent offense; possession with intent to deliver a prescription drug; possession with intent to deliver THC, second and subsequent offense; possession of firearm by a felon; possession of THC; possession of a controlled substance; possession of illegally obtained prescriptions and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the criminal complaint, numerous officers and detectives executed a search warrant at the defendant’s property on March 15.

It comes after an investigation showed months of possible drug trafficking by the defendant, including information obtained from a confidential informant, Facebook messages obtained through a search warrant on Feb. 24, and tips from citizen witnesses.

In the Facebook messages, the defendant allegedly discusses making between $1,200 and $1,500 a week selling marijuana.

During the execution of the search warrant at Krueger’s property, he initially denied being involved in the use or sale of illegal drugs. When the detective presented Krueger with the warrant, he said he had “a little bit of pot.” When asked how much is a little bit, the defendant’s response was “two to three ounces, probably.”

During the search, the officers located a 5-gallon bucket containing numerous baggies of various sizes which held a green leafy material consistent with marijuana, and an unlabeled, orange prescription bottle that held several white pills.

A detective subjected a sample of the suspected marijuana to a field test, which yielded positive for THC.

The pills were later identified as buspirone hydrochloride, a controlled substance for which he did not have a prescription.

Another 5-gallon bucket consisted of more sandwich bags that held marijuana identifying as various strains and flavors of the drug.

Various items of drug paraphernalia were also located, including a grinder, more sandwich bags and a digital scale, while a container that appeared to contain ‘Xanax’ which the defendant also did not have a prescription for.

The pills were sampled and identified as trazadone hydrochloride, a substance only available by prescription; 15 pills of diazepam, a schedule IV controlled substance; and alprazolam, also a schedule IV controlled substance.

A large amount of cash, totaling $17,359 was also located, to which the defendant said he got from selling land and ATV wheels.

One of the detectives later spoke with the defendant who allegedly admitted that he sells marijuana from his residence. The defendant denied selling prescription pills saying he has been doing Xanax and that he gets it through a friend.

The defendant’s phone with his consent, was searched and a detective allegedly located numerous messages occurring between April 7, 2019, and March 15 of this year, in which the defendant discussed purchasing and selling prescription pills and purchasing, selling and delivering marijuana to numerous individuals.

In some of the messages, the defendant also arranged for an individual to come to his residence and retrieve a baggie of marijuana from under the gas cap of his truck.

In addition to the large cash bond, Judge John Rhode also ordered conditions of no illegal use or possession of controlled substances and no contact with witness or their residences.

Krueger is due back in court March 29.

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