In Langlade County Circuit Court proceedings Monday, three defendants made initial appearances on unrelated charges related to disorderly conduct or domestic abuse.

Timothy L. Crandall, 56, 1601 10th Avenue, is charged with battery, domestic abuse and disorderly conduct. On Sept. 5, officials responded to a physical domestic call. The criminal complaint said Crandall and a female were allegedly in a heated argument when a juvenile witness tried to break it up. Crandall told the witness to “back up or I’ll punch you.” The witness told officials they were scared of the defendant.

Two other juveniles heard screaming and the female victim say, “Don’t touch me.”

Officials spoke with the victim who stated, “He beat me up.”

The victim allegedly went into the bathroom, and the defendant kicked the door in grabbing her bicep and around her neck,. Te victim said it hurt when he grabbed her arm and that she couldn’t breathe when he grabbed her neck.

Red marks were visible on the victim’s neck and arm consistent with the allegations. The victim said this happened a lot. Crandall admitted to breaking the door down and yelling at the victim and a child witness. He also stated that both himself and the victim had been drinking alcohol.

Crandall has been issued a $650 cash bond under the conditions he has no contact with the victim or her residence, no use of alcohol and no presence in establishments with Class B liquor license.

Kimberly A. Jeffer, 32, W2446 Kriewaldt Road, is charged with disorderly conduct as a repeat offender and use or possession with intent to use a masking agent also as a repeat offender. On Aug. 18, officers responded to a disturbance at a residence. When arriving, they heard male and female voices screaming and items being thrown around the apartment.

The defendant admitted to yelling and throwing things, because she was upset that she was kicked out of her Suboxone Doctor. Jeffer allegedly appeared to be under the influence of something as her speech was slurred and she wasn’t making a lot of sense. The male acquaintance she was arguing with was placed under arrest.

After speaking with Jeffer, the attending officer observed an orange pill bottle on top of the refrigerator with some sort of liquid inside it and clear plastic wrap around it. The officer asked the defendant about it and her response was, “pee when I was clean” and admitted to keeping it for when she has to go to the doctor as the doctor tests her for clean urine. Jeffer has been ordered to a $1,500 signature bond under the conditions she maintain absolute sobriety, no illegal use or possession of controlled substances and no presence in establishments with Class B liquor licenses.

Tyler G. Wilber, 29, 630 1st Ave., is charged with disorderly conduct and domestic abuse, On Sept. 13, an alleged victim told officials that Wilber “just put his hands on me,” later telling officials she and the defendant were arguing when he grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head against the wall several times. Wilber failed to appear in court and now has a warrant for his arrest.