A number of defendants made initial appearances on various charges Tuesday and Wednesday in Langlade County Circuit Court.

Wilfredo Romero, 28, 522 S. Western St., is charged with disorderly conduct as a repeat offender. On Nov. 16, police responded to a residence as the alleged victim had ended a relationship with Romero and he kept coming to the residence despite being told to stay away.

The victim said the defendant allegedly hit her numerous times over the last several weeks. The victim didn’t want Romero around when she gave birth as she was six months pregnant. Although the defendant was not at the residence when officers arrived. Romero was ordered to a $1,000 signature bond under the conditions he have no contact with the alleged victim or their residence.

Joel J. Pemma, 24, 871 Highway 64, is charged with two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping, contact after domestic abuse arrest and disorderly conduct. On Nov. 17, reports were received that Pemma was sending Facebook messages to an alleged victim after the defendant was arrested the previous day for domestic abuse against the same person.

Pemma signed a no contact for 72 hours form prior to his released Nov. 17, at 11:20 a.m. The Facebook messages began Nov. 17 at 11:48 a.m. and included discussion of the 72-hour no contact. The messages were said to be vulgar in nature. Pemma has been order a $2,500 cash bond under conditions he have no contact with the victim or her residence or any place she may occupy.

William C. Drewek has been charged with eight total counts all as a repeat offender on two separate complaints. Initially he was charged with first degree recklessly engendering safety, domestic abuse, two counts of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.

On Nov. 1, a call was received for help from the victim stating her fiance, Drewek, left her stranded at an address in the town of Ainsworth. When officials arrived the victim was crying and shivering. Days later, on Nov. 5, the defendant allegedly beat up the victim and put a knife to her throat and officials were able to visibly see the red marks on the victim’s neck.

The defendant reportedly came home yelling as he misplaced a gun and was looking for it so he made the victim undress to make sure she didn’t have it. The defendant made the victim get out of the camper, and when she did so, Drewek pulled out a knife and put it in her face while continuing to ask where the gun was. The defendant held the knife up to the victim’s neck, pushing hard and began sliding it. the victim stated this burned, and she thought she was going to die.

Officials were able to observe the victim’s hand was swollen with small scabs. She stated earlier that day the defendant smashed her hand a stabbed a screwdriver through it.

Drewek has also been charged with false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, substantial battery, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery all counts as a repeat offender.

On Nov. 13, officials responded to another call regarding Drewek, the victim again shaken up and crying stating her fiance the defendant beat her with a bat at their residence. The victim states Drewek hit her several times in the head and she remembers eventually seeing white and then woke up some time after on the kitchen floor.

The victim stated she tried to leave and call for help, but the defendant took her phone and smashed it so she couldn’t call anyone. The victim stated Drewek pushed her back into the camper and told her she was not leaving and was worried what the defendant would do when he realized she was gone.

Officials were able to visualize large bumps and bruises from the defendant hitting her with the bat. The victim reported that her throat and neck also hurt as the defendant grabs her and choked her frequently to the point she’s about to pass out. When the victim’s legs gave out, the defendant let go.

Drewek is being held a $5,000 cash bond under the conditions he maintain absolute sobriety, not use or possess any illegal controlled substance, he have no contact with the victim or her residence, no presence in an establishment with a Class B liquor license and no possession of dangerous weapons.