A repeat narcotics offender whose house had to be condemned, with two small children found residing at the location, was sentenced to further prison terms in a Langlade County Court hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

Joshua J. Turcotte, 32, 724 Pine St., appeared via video from Dodge Correctional Institution. He entered no contest pleas to felony charges of chronic neglect of a child, neglecting a child, possession of methamphetamine and bail jumping, as well as a misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed knife.

Another pile of charges was dismissed but read into the record: neglecting a child, second offense possession of THC, and possessions of controlled substance, illegally obtained prescription and drug paraphernalia.

Every one of those criminal charges included a repeat offender enhancement.

Turcotte was also sentenced upon revocation for a 2017 conviction of second offense THC possession.

In a complex plea agreement, Turcotte received three years in prison for the 2017 conviction, ordered to run concurrent with a term he is currently serving for a meth possession conviction in that same case.

On the new convictions, Turcotte was sentenced to six years in prison, divided into three years of confinement and three years of extended supervision, for the felony bail jump. The meth conviction earned him five years, divided into three inside and two of supervision.

The chronic child neglect conviction received a sentence of six years, divided into three and three. The neglecting a child conviction was ordered to a term of five years in prison, with three of incarceration and two of supervision.

All of those new sentences were ordered to run concurrently, but consecutive to the 2017 convictions.

The most recent criminal complaint states that on Dec. 18, 2020, a detective responded to a city of Antigo residence after observing a text message between Turcotte and an individual he was court ordered to have not contact with. A female individual at the residence repeatedly claimed Turcotte was not there, which proved to be untrue.

After “extensive discussion,” Turcotte appeared in the doorway with two small children and was placed in handcuffs. A search of his person located a gem bag with a melted plastic straw, a loaded hypodermic needle and several gem bags with a residue. There was also a knife located in his pocket.

The syringe proved to be Suboxone, which Turcotte said he has a prescription for, but no prescription was located. Field tests of the gem bags yielded a positive result for meth.

Officers then searched the residence, with the detective noting “was in the most disgusting condition he had ever seen people living.”

Hypodermic needles, 100 loose prescription pills, and a glass pipe were located. Officers found children’s toys within inches of a needle.

The officers also observed exposed sub-flooring, blood spatter on a wall, animal feces, a sink filled with brown water and a stove piled with garbage.

The Langlade County Department of Health and Social Services responded, and the house was condemned. The children were taken into protective custody, one having to leave without shoes as none could be located.

The complaint in the 2017 case, at the same city residence, found numerous needles, various drug paraphernalia, pipes, with an infant child on the premises. The house was found to be “extremely unsanitary and presented safety hazards to the occupants, including the infant child.”

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