A Portage County judge on Tuesday sentenced Randall Francis Cherney to 32 months in prison, as well as 32 months of extended supervision for seven felonies of capturing intimate representations without consent, including of one victim under the age of 18, and stalking his victims.

Cherney plead guilty Aug. 21 and was convicted of peeping into windows of his neighbors and filming them on several occasions. A criminal complaint shows it happened between 2018 and 2019 to seven victims while they were undressing or using the bathroom.

In a press release the Portage County District Attorney said, Cherney “was so deliberate that he even used a step ladder to get a better view into the homes of his victims.”

According to a search warrant in the criminal complaint, investigators found 72 videos on Cherney’s laptop.

“The defendant’s deliberate actions terrorized this quiet neighborhood for years, and today he was held accountable and sent to prison where he will no longer have access to cameras, step ladders and his victims. The defendant showed no remorse for his victimization and Judge Shannon recognized that society would not be protected unless the defendant was incarcerated,” the release noted.