The following defendants made their initial appearance at the Langlade County Circuit Court on Monday, all on unrelated charges.

Jason M. McGlin, 42, 45 West 14th St., is charged with two counts of property damage in the town of Polar. On Sept. 5, the criminal complaint reads there was a report received that two tires on separate vehicles had been slashed. The victims said their dogs began barking around 9 p.m. and realized later that night the tires were slashed.

Victim one got up for work around 12:45 a.m., went outside and realized the tires were slashed. Victim two was arguing with McGlin prior to this and he allegedly threatened to damage the truck if she didn’t tell him “everything.” McGlin failed to appear in court Monday, and he now has a warrant for his arrest.

Matthew A. Shrecengost, 30, 901 1/2 Superior St., is charged as a repeat offender with possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the criminal complaint, an officer responded to a report of an apartment smelling like marijuana.

When the defendant opened the door, the officer immediately smelled marijuana and conducted a search of the residence and asked if there was anything to find.

Shrencengost walked to the refrigerator grabbing a pipe that was on the counter. The officer saw the act and took possession of the pipe.

Later the defendant admitted to smoking marijuana earlier that day with that and stated there was still pot in the pipe. Shrencengost was ordered to a $500 signature bond under the conditions of no illegal use or possession of controlled substances.

Beau T. Bostwick, 25, 8727 S. Pioneer Lane, is charged with violating a harassment restraining order at a tavern located at N4495 Highway 55 in the town of Elcho.

The victim was working when Bostwick entered the bar allegedly making eye contact with her and remaining within 10 feet of her for several minutes until another bartender escorted him out.

The victim later showed text messages the bar owner received from the defendant stating he would be there next weekend despite the order and asked the bar owner, “So man to man ask her to lift the restraining order or turn me in please.”

Bostwick was ordered a cash bond of $500 with conditions of no use of alcohol, no presence in establishments with a Class B liquor license and no contact with the victim at her residence or her place of employment.