A Taylor County woman was facing numerous charges Tuesday after she’s accused of having sexual relationship with a former student. 

Pamela Schield was expected to be charged with four counts including sexual assault of a child by a person who works or volunteers with children. 

An investigation began in February 2017 after a therapist reported to authorities her patient stated she had exchanged SnapChat messages with a teen who had not yet turned 18. The messages were said to be sexual in nature.

Court documents state, when confronted by authorities Schield said she made up the story to get a referral to behavioral health.

The alleged victim said he met Schield at school and that she worked as a substitute teacher. Court documents state he gave Schield his SnapChat username and they began communicating on SnapChat.

He told investigators Schield sent him six to 10 pictures, including some nude photos. He said he was 16 or 17 at the time he recieved the first pictures.

Then teen told investigators sex had occured after his 18 birthday, but sexual contact had occurred when he was 17.