A Tomahawk man accused of breaking into a couple's home and having inappropriate relations with one of the residents appeared in Lincoln County court Wednesday via Zoom.

Edwin R. Juedes, 47, appeared before Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge Robert Russell, but after Wednesday's proceeding, things might take longer to move forward.

According to online court records Juedes is facing felony charges of:

— Second degree sexual assault/unconscious victim, a class C felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than $100,000, or imprisoned not more than 40 years or both.

— Burglary of a building or dwelling, a class F felony and upon conviction may be fined not more than $25,000 or imprisoned not more than 12 years and six months or both.

According to online criminal complaint, "During the morning hours of Nov. 1, victim one awoke to the sensation of being 'digitally penetrated' and sometime later realized it was with Juedes, instead of her boyfriend."

In court on Wednesday, Russell said the reason for his appearance was to address issues with finding an attorney to represent him.

"The primary reason we set this hearing for today was to follow up with you to see if you have done anything to retain an attorney," said Russell.

Juedes responded saying he has made contact but hasn't been able to secure one as of now.

"They say I qualify but they haven't been able to find one for me yet," said Juedes.

Russell adjourned the initial appearance to a later date due to this issue.

"We are going to adjourn your initial appearance because I don't want to proceed with this matter until you have an attorney," said Russell.

Juedes also requested to address his bond, which was set for $25,000 on Nov. 16, citing his record as a reason for modification.

"The only thing that is on my record is a DUI. I have a good job. My whole family lives in Tomahawk. It's not like I am going anywhere," said Juedes.

District Attorney Galen Bayne-Allison objected to any modifications of bond, referring to the charges in the criminal complaint, stating Juedes has a high risk of fleeing or engaging in other conduct.

"The allegations in the criminal complaint are indicative of somebody who is either incapable of complying with societal norms or simply chooses not too," said Bayne-Allison.

The court denied the request to modify bond.

Juedes appears in court again on Dec. 16.