Gypsy lash

Kayla Jansen stands in her newly opened lash studio.

Newly opened Gypsy Lash Studio can lift, tint and extend your lashes all in one stop.

Kayla Jansen opened this one-stop lash shop April 1. The business is located at 608 S. Superior St., Suite 10, Antigo.

After signing a one year lease for the single studio less then three weeks ago, Jansen had some renovating to do. She redid a lot of wallpaper, painted and hand-stenciled a mural of eyes.

Jansen has been a beauty guide with LimeLife by Alcone for four year and has been getting her own lashes done for two years now.

“I just love the confidence it gives women,” said Jansen. “It’s amazing, I crave helping women feel that same confidence.”

Gypsy Lash Studio offers eyelash lifting, tinting and extensions. Lifting is like a perm for natural lashes. It curls your lashes without having to use an eyelash curler and gives you natural length, which lasts about eight weeks.

Tinting is a temporary color that gets added to the lashes after lifting them, for people who have blonde or lighter lashes. It darkens them up, similar to applying mascara but without having to actually apply any.

Eyelash extensions come in a few different ways, depending on how natural or thick you want them. A classic extension would be one extension per lash, and clients can choose any length or style. Common styles are doll eyes, cat eyes and Kim Kardashian eyes.

Another one would be a volume extension, which are handmade fans by Jansen. A fan is generally 3D to 10D, described as one extension put on a fan, which is a group of extensions, making a 3D, three extensions in one fan.

There are hybrid extensions, which are a mix of classic and volume extensions. All lash extensions are based on how the client wants them, either natural or more dramatic, and extensions are generally filled every two to three weeks.

“I’ve gotten quite a few compliments that the extensions I’ve done look really natural,” said Jansen.

At this time, Jansen offers some LimeLife beauty products at her studio and is waiting for a shipment of lash brushes and cleansers for clients to purchase for lash aftercare.

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