Three young defendants saw their cases reach the plea and sentencing phase in Langlade County Court on Tuesday.

Jordan J. Thiel, 19, Elcho, entered a guilty plea to a charge of resisting an officer, amended from an original charge of fleeing an officer as a vehicle operator. He also entered no contest pleas to misdemeanor counts of property theft and bail jumping in a second case.

Thiel was given withheld sentences for all three convictions, pending two years of probation, with conditions that include paying court costs, having no contact with the theft victim and maintaining full-time employment or school.

Court documents in the first case state that on the night of Jan. 19, 2020, an officer on patrol near Enterprise Lake Road in Elcho attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle with one headlight burnt out. The vehicle turned down an alley and accelerated rather than stopping.

The vehicle continued to make turns then accelerate, despite the officer activating his lights and siren, at one point running a stop sign and reaching more than 75 mph on Highway K. The officer then terminated the pursuit due to safety concerns, but later made contact with Thiel, who admitted he was the driver.

The second criminal complaint asserts that the victim reported two four-wheelers stolen from an Elcho residence on the night of Sept. 4, 2019. On Sept. 8, an officer made contact with Thiel at a Sunset Road property, who said he did not know the machines were stolen.

One four-wheeler was located in the backyard of that property, spray painted and hidden under some brush. The other was located in a ditch, also spray painted. Both four wheelers had sustained damage.

Vinesa Mary Kelsey Holm, 19, Aniwa, entered guilty pleas to charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Two counts, possession of an illegally obtained prescription and possession of THC, were dismissed but read into the record.

Holm was granted a three-year deferred judgment for the meth plea, and withheld sentences for the other two convictions, pending two years of probation. Those convictions may be eligible for expungement in February 2024.

According to the complaint, an Antigo officer responded to a report of suspected drug use at a city residence in November 2019. At the location, the homeowner granted permission to search Holm’s bedroom.

The ensuing search located numerous illicit items, including a pipe containing a white, powdery substance that tested positive for meth and a glass pipe with its bowl packed with a green, leafy, partially burnt substance that tested positive for THC.

The search also located a zippered bag containing a broken pipe consistent with marijuana use and an orange prescription bottle with no label that contained six bars of a substance identified as Alprazolam and five tablets of a substance identified as Trazadone.

Brittany M. Archer-Palmer, 21, White Lake, entered no contest pleas to charges of forgery, theft and obstructing an officer. She was granted a deferred entry of judgement for two years on the forgery plea, and given a withheld sentence pending one year of probation for the other two convictions. Those convictions may be eligible for expungement in February 2023.

According to the complaint, Archer-Palmer and a male acquaintance attempted to cash a check for $3,879.11 from a local dairy operation on Nov. 14, 2019.

An owner of the dairy stated that the check, marked “Payroll” and issued to Archer-Palmer, was “without a doubt” fraudulent, though the routing and account numbers were correct.

When confronted, Archer-Palmer stated the check was actually for selling a tractor, and claimed that they had gotten the check from a third party in Wausau named “Aaritone.” That person was located and denied knowing about the check, but then stated that yet another different person named “Jon Carlos” had used his printer to print the check. Law enforcement could find no records of any individual matching the description of Jon Carlos.