The Langlade County Board of Supervisors September session will be held at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Clover Room of the fairgrounds multipurpose building.

The September meeting marks a modification of both day and location. Monthly meetings are typically held Tuesdays. This meeting was moved to Wednesday because the board’s Finance Committee is contending with a pair of hefty sessions Monday and Tuesday mornings, considering the individual 2021 department budgets.

The location move to the Clover Room was spurred by the board’s desire to embrace social distancing. The usual meeting space of the County Board Room in the Safety Building does not afford enough space to accomplish that objective.

Under old business, upon a referral from the Forestry Committee, the supervisors will reconsider a 2019 resolution that approved one seasonal parks assistant position, possibly increasing the casual employee hours from 1,190 to 1,500.

Old business also includes a review of the status of a “hiring freeze” put in place by previous County Manager Dennis Clark, a possible change to board rules regarding supervisors donating their per diems by personal check, and a reconsideration of a resolution that would designate the ADRC-CW as the Adult at Risk Agency serving Langlade County.

There are three items of new business. The first, the board will consider a request from Sheriff Mark Westen regarding minimum staffing levels for corrections officers. The second is an audit report from the 2019 audit, and the third is a discussion of the county’s placement costs for children in protective services and juveniles for 2020.

Five other resolutions are found on the agenda:

– A resolution authorizing application for a 2021 DNR Surface Water Grant.

– A resolution for withdrawal and trade of county forest land to George Richards.

– A resolution in observance of Gov. Tony Evers Emergency Order No. 1 “Relating to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by requiring face coverings in certain situations” at county board meetings.

– A resolution authorizing not to exceed $75,000 for purchase of a portable sound system from committed for CIP fund.

– A resolution to approve a memorandum of understanding with North Central Health Care for the operation of a Sober Living Program.

The board may consider moving into closed session to review the status of vacant positions of county manager and human resources director, and interim work assignments.