A better day could not have been designed for the 26 1/2 annual Wolfman Triathlon, one of the original off-road triathlons in the lower 48 states, and what a party afterwards after the tough race on Saturday.

The rugged terrain and exciting waters was a true spotlight on the treasures of eastern Langlade County, and drew competitors from multiple states. No doubt a boon to the local economy, many competitors arrived days early and challenged the course in advance of race day.

With an 8 a.m. start, the newly divised Dryatholon division featured a run through some of the finest potato fields in Langlade County. Some of those racers would continue the event, but the kayakers got right after it, with a rocky 3-mile section of the Wolf River.

The downriver section ended at the Department of Natural Resources landing near the junction of Highways 55 and 64. Racers then pulled their boats ashore and sprinted to the bike racks for a 13 mile trek, crossing Highway 64 and entering the notorious network of challenging single track through the Nicolet Roche trails.

Exiting the forest, the bikers crossed Highway 55 and rolled into the Gardner Scout Camp. Undeterred, the bikes are ditched and the last leg of the race involved a 3 3/4 miles rugged trail run along the Wolf River, featuring a river crossing.

With athletes from across the Midwest, of course most competitors enjoyed onsite camping and enjoy a festival atmosphere, and well earned.

The live music included Tuck Pence on the stage, and following the awards ceremony a big jam from Miles Over Mountain making their Wolfman debut.

The Wolfman is a nonprofit organization, which collaborates with many local organizations resulting in a donation to each of the groups for their efforts. More than 160 people volunteer from these organizations that help contribute to the success of this event, and of course all of this having strong benefit to the community.

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