Langlade County Health Department is confirming its first case of COVID-19 in Langlade County.

This individual is isolated at home with Health Department staff contacting them to monitor symptoms. Langlade County health department is working to determine how the person may have become infected and will be contacting individuals who may have come in close contact with the person. 

People who have had contact with the individual and are symptomatic will be isolated. People who have been in contact with the patient and do not have symptoms will be self-quarantined at home and monitoring themselves for symptoms. Langlade County Health Department will be checking in with individuals who are isolated or self-quarantined. 

“Langlade County Health Department is working with local, state, and other partners to deal quickly and effectively and are doing all necessary follow up. We will continue to work with DHS, health care providers, and our local partners to limit the spread of COVID-19 and will share information as it is available,” said Meghan Williams, Health Officer, Langlade County Health Department. 

Langlade County wants to remind everyone that following these simple steps to avoid getting sick include: 

* Consider avoiding mass gatherings. 

* Frequent and thorough handwashing with soap and water. 

* Cover coughs and sneezes. 

* Avoid touching your face. 

* Stay home when sick. 

* Practice social distancing of 6 feet from other people when possible. 

* Limit your travel 

* Use a face mask when in a public setting. 

If you develop a cough, fever, shortness of breath or other respiratory symptoms, stay home and contact your health care provider. If you think you have COVID-19 you should call your health care provider before going to the clinic or hospital. 

Langlade County Health Service Center—1225 Langlade Road, Antigo, Wisconsin 54409-2795 Phone: 715-627-6250—Fax: 715-627-6391—Email: Website: 

For the latest information about COVID-19 in Langlade County, visit: Langlade County Health Department Facebook page or Langlade County webpage at: covid-19/