Bond terms were set in two Langlade County criminal cases this week, including the man accused of a bizarre break-in at the Antigo Middle School.

Luke D. Frazier, 36, 933 Sixth Ave., is charged with felony burglary along with misdemeanor theft and criminal damage to property. He was ordered to a $5,000 cash bond with the condition that he have no contact with the Antigo Middle School or any staff members.

According to the criminal complaint, during the early morning hours of Monday Antigo officers responded to a suspicious vehicle parked at the middle school, later discovered to be registered to Frazier. An employee showed officers the maintenance room, where shards of glass were found on the floor from a broken window.

The employee later reported that a Milwaukee flashlight and battery were missing from the maintenance room. A second employee reported there was damage to a screen covering a vent near the gym area.

Officers obtained surveillance footage that showed a flashlight turning on in the maintenance room at 2 a.m., which activated the fire alarms. A person believed to be Frazier exits the room and prior to leaving removes a sign from the door.

Officers responded to Frazier’s residence, noting there was broken glass on the floor leading up to his apartment. Frazier denied being in the school; however, officers located clothing consistent with that worn by the individual in the surveillance footage.

Logan D. Spencer, 31, N161 Spring Road, is charged with domestic abuse disorderly conduct (with a domestic abuse repeater enhancement) and resisting an officer. Both charges feature a repeat offender enhancement. He was placed on a $1,000 cash bond with conditions to not use alcohol, not use or possess controlled substances illegally, and have no contact with the alleged victim or residence.

Spencer was convicted of disorderly conduct domestic abuse as a repeater, with the use of a dangerous weapon, in July 2018.

Court documents reflect that on Tuesday at 6:18 a.m. multiple deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call at a town of Norwood residence. They made contact with Spencer, who was “very tense” and did not want to speak with law enforcement. He then made a series of “odd statements.”

The situation escalated as Spencer made “derogatory, aggressive” remarks to the deputies, then resisted attempts to handcuff him.

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