Nick and Justin Diemel.

 More than a year after two Shawano County brothers went missing, their remains were brought home Monday night.

Justin Diemel, 24, and Nick Diemel, 35, were killed after traveling to Missouri in July 2019 to collect money for their cattle business. They disappeared after visiting a farm, and their burned remains were later found in Missouri and Nebraska.

Monday night, community members lined the streets to honor the brothers as they were escorted by the fire department to their home.

“Relieved they’re finally home and we can finally have a proper goodbye. It’s been too long coming,” said Cara Krull, a friend of the family.

“We’re so grateful for the amount of people who showed up and us getting back late, and the fire department jumping on board ASAP saying yes we wanted to be there. It’s just amazing, this community has always come together,” added Jessica Scott, a friend of the family.

The brothers remains were carried home in a red suburban, and were accompanied by their mother, as well as Nick Diemel’s wife.

“Mixed reactions, definitely hoping for them to be home but sad they’re even put in that situation,” said Jessica Krull, another family friend.

One thing everyone agrees on is having both of the brothers back is something that’s long overdue.

Family friends say it’s important for the brothers to be with the family, and Navarino is where the brothers belong, so family can give them a proper place to rest.

A visitation will be held for the Diemel brothers Sunday, Sept. 27, at noon, and will take place at Navarino Ball Diamond in Bonduel.

The public is welcome to attend.

Garland Nelson, of Braymer, Missouri, is accused of killing Nick and Justin Diemel, and currently faces the death penalty if convicted.

He has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.