Tapp Maple Syrup, produced at the Solin Sugarbush in Deerbrook, is part of a group now offering "zero-proof" cocktail kits.

 Tapped Maple Syrup, produced at the Solin Sugarbush in Deerbrook, has joined Siren Shrubs,  and Top Note Tonic, two other start-up food and beverage companies based in Wisconsin, to curate a unique offering for customers; four distinct “zero-proof” cocktail kits that went on sale on their e-commerce sites last week. 

Although a zero-proof cocktail kit may seem out of the norm for Wisconsin culture, according to Siren Shrub co-founder Cozzolino, “The non-alcoholic or sober curious movement continues to gain ground through influencers on social media, podcasts, and print media who are building community around - and normalizing - alcohol-free lifestyles.” Some Americans have seen this movement come to life with the addition of zero-proof cocktail offerings in bars and restaurants. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily shuttering bars, sober curious consumers needed the opportunity to create fantastic tasting, adult-styled beverages in the comforts of their own home. Looking to expand their online offerings to this community, Cozzolino and McCord began curating combinations of mixers, syrups and their shrubs. Being closely connected to Jeremy Solin of Tapped Maple Syrup, the syrup provider for their Maple Ginger shrub, they knew Tapped’s infused syrups would add a nice complexity to the drinks. For mixers, Cozzolino and McCord chose Top Note, a unique, local mixer they found paired well with their early concoctions. 

Simultaneously Mary Pellettieri of Top Note took notice of Siren Shrub at Outpost, and began following them on social media. “All it took was a few direct messages for us to connect. We saw we had the common interest of offering a kit for customers” said Pelletterri.  The companies decided to work together to offer these boxes as a gesture to their customers who are seeking cocktails without alcohol.