The Langlade County Board of Supervisors confronted a lengthy agenda during its July monthly session on Tuesday evening.

At the behest of board leadership, there was no evidence whatsoever of adherence to health guidelines. No effort was made at social distancing, and only seven of the 17 supervisors present wore masks.

The meeting began with the board acknowledging the resignation of Doug Nonnenmacher, who sent a letter saying his decision was based purely on the fact that he no longer resides in the district he was elected to represent. That makes three vacancies currently on the board.

Facilities Maintenance Director Nate Heuss offered some very kind words in acknowledging the retirement of Pam Jankowski after 41 years of service to the county in a wide variety of roles, most recently maintenance clerical and fairground event coordinator. The board also recognized the retirement of Cheryl Barta as deputy register in probate.

The board chairman exercised his power to rearrange the printed agenda, moving new business to the top of the list. Senior GIS Analyst Andrew Faust shared some information regarding the process for drawing new political district boundaries for the county, which will unfold after the 2020 census is completed.

The board received a presentation from District Attorney Elizabeth Gebert and intern Nikki Deep regarding the success of the First Offender Program, which has now been in place for one year. Another presentation regarded the strategic planning process came from Tim McKeough.

A referral from the board of health and public safety that wearing masks in county owned buildings become mandatory generated some discussion but was never motioned for any sort of vote.

The final item of new business was to discuss oversight for the county manager and corporation counsel and associated reporting structure, a responsibility that formerly belonged to the recently disbanded Executive Committee. This discussion led to a motion that oversight be the domain of the full board, passed on a majority vote.

Under old business, the supervisors discussed the now three vacancies currently on the board, decided not to pay the annual dues to the Northwoods Rail Transit Commission, and considered a revision to the board rules that language should be updated or changed to allow the county manager discretion over recommending staffing levels, which was again tabled to the next month.

Corporation Counsel Robin Stowe offered an update on the Sober Living House project. Stowe will be meeting with North Central Health Care CEO Michael Loy, District Attorney Gebert, Health Department head Ron Barger, County Manager Dennis Clark and other interested parties on Aug. 11 to review a new proposal from NCHC to add on-site treatment to this program. 

“We will be discussing and processes moving forward,” Stowe said. “If our expectations do not align then the county may pursue other options to complete this project. The ability to provide on site treatment provides NCHC with the ability to fund operations via billable healthcare services.  Sober living is now connected on drug treatment court which is a requirement of a second judge to start Aug. 1, 2022.”

A recommendation from the public property meeting is anticipated on Aug. 12, and further direction from the board at the August meeting. They included:

The board passed six of the seven resolutions on the agenda.

- Resolution to authorize funding for the city-county library HVAC project

- Resolution to adopt an update to the county All Hazards Mitigation Plan

- Resolution to formalize the creation of a full time environmental health specialist/sanitarian position in the county health department, per a prior board recommendation

- Resolution to approve an administrator for the Northwoods Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Rehab Program

- Resolution to authorize use of “cash on hand” funds for unbudgeted expenditures incurred due to COVID-19 and eligible for reimbursement under the routes to recovery grant

- Resolution to assign funds for capital improvement projects related to information technology subject to authorization by the finance committee

The seventh resolution, to designate ADRC-CW as the Adult-At-Risk Agency serving the county, will be back on the August agenda.

Stowe also offered a policy report on open meetings law compliance and confidentiality.

The board did enter into closed session for about 25 minutes but did not take any action on matters that transpired in that session.