The ceremony may have been virtual but the honors—and the dollars—were very real for Antigo High School seniors on Monday.

With classrooms dark due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Antigo High School held a virtual scholarship awards ceremony, presenting hundreds of thousands of dollars of awards to seniors linked in via the Internet.

Without in-person presenters and recipients, it was a quick ceremony, lasting just over 30 minutes, but the awards were no less meaningful.

‘It is our wish that we could have you here in person to honor these exceptional seniors,” Principal Clint Rogers said, “but the virtual presentation does not diminish these exceptional seniors.”

The top honors of the evening—Academic Excellence Scholars Program / Wisconsin Academic Scholars—was presented by Rogers to  Valedictorian Nathan Deep, Salutatorian Brenna Lundgren, and Stella Quinlan.

A list of other award winners, as provided by the school district, follows:

Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship: Dylan Dykstra, Lily Nagel.

Exemplary Senior Girl: Emma Packard.

Exemplary Senior Boy: Brett Farmer.

Al Remington Foundation Scholarship: Nathan Deep, Emma Jaje, Rebecca Kubacki, Bobbie Novak, Emma Packard.

 Miles & Gerry Stanke Scholarship Foundation: Marnie Umland.

 Antigo Swim Club: Brett Farmer.

Edna B. Collins Scholarship: Elizabeth Rustick. 

Cellcom Scholarship: Cassandra Fay, Emma Packard. 

Bremer & Trollop Scholar of the Month: Rylee Roth. 

McKenna Mann Performing Arts Scholarship: Isabella Kneeland. 

“Anything Goes” Scholarship: Abigail Lewandowski. 

AHS Drama Club Senior Awards: Vincent Casetta, Rebecca Kubacki. 

Director’s Award: Nicholas Luerssen. 

Tom Kislow Memorial Scholarship: Benjamin Morris, Lily Nagel. 

Robert & Lois Kuhls Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Lewandowski. 

Langlade Co. 4-H Archery Scholarship: Nicholas Luerssen. 

Lakeside 4-H Scholarship: Langlade County 4-H Market Animal Scholarship: Broden Bunnell, Lily Nagel, Tyler Schroepfer. 

Spring Valley Blue Jay Scholarship: Aiden Hafner, McKenzie Schroepfer. 

Breeze Dairy Group LLC Scholarship: Tyler Schroepfer. 

ProVision Partner’s Cooperative Scholarship: Lily Nagel. 

Class of 2020 Student Council Leadership Scholarship: Brett Farmer, Rebecca Kubacki. 

Class of 2020 Leadership Scholarship: Emma Packard, Adelyn Smith. 

Class of 2020 Impecunious Scholarship: Aaliyah Rose, Marnie Umland. 

Antigo Garden Club Scholarship: Tyler Schroepfer, Adelyn Smith. 

Evelyn Thorne Four Year Scholarship: Stella Quinlan. 

Chris & Patty Shinners Family Scholarship: Brenna Lundgren, Stella Quinlan.

Bradley Fust Memorial Scholarship through the Wisconsin Holsteins Association: Tyler Schroepfer. 

Frisch’s Greenhouse Scholarship: Abigail Lewandowski.  

Northcentral Technical College Foundation Scholarships: 

—Elwyn Remington Foundation Inc. Scholarship: Gabriela Duchac, Matthew Pecha, Dustin Scherer. 

—Nancy Ford Curie Memorial Scholarship: Kelly Cooper. 

—NTC Foundation Scholarship: Kelly Cooper.

Medford Cooperative Scholarship: Lily Nagel.

The Bradley Foundation Scholarship: Brett Farmer. 

Holly Jean Steger Memorial Scholarship: Julia Westen. 

Marathon County Farm Bureau: Tyler Schroepfer. 

Marathon County Farm Technology Days: Tyler Schroepfer. 

Antigo Area Youth Hockey Association Scholarship: Brody Bunnell, Alicia Turunen. 

Andy McCarthy Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Roller.

National Mutual Benefit Branch #27 Antigo Scholarship: Adelyn Smith. 

Elks Teen of the Yearr: Sella Quinlan, Brett Farmer. 

Elks State Scholarship: Brett Farmer, Tyler Schroepfer. 

Antigo Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club Scholarship: Noah Musolff. 

Charles Resch Memorial Scholarship: Dustin Scherer, Kathryn McKinney. 

Antigo Career and Technical Education Awards: Desiree Ashby, William Balis, Jacob Barske, Tate Beaber, Nevin Cornelius, Chloe Decker, Brett Farmer, Olivia Fischer, Keaton Francl, Aaron Haddaway, Robert Hitz II, Alec Hotchkiss, Kelly Kamin, Blake Kautza, Chrisopher Krueger, Kaitlyn Lenzner, Kiana Lese, Jaren Meinert, May Mischler, Noah Musolff, Lily Nagel, Jena Nonnemacher, Emma Packard, Matthew Pecha, Stella Quinlan, Brynn Radtke, Thomas Reisner, Brady Renfro, Aaliyah Rose, Ethan Royce, Elizabeth Rustick, Ethan Schmidt, Jacob Schmidt, Tyler Schroepfer, Tanesha Spencer, Makenzie Tatro, Alicia Turunen, Kallie Wagner, Danielle Wild, Julia Wild, Margaret Winter. 

Great Northern Conference 2018-2019 Scholar Athletes: Tate Beaber, Benjamin Brown, Broden Bunnell, Chloe Decker, Brett Farmer, Aidan Hafner, Alec Hotchkiss, Emma Jaje, Kaleb Jaje, Ellie Kelly, Isabella Kneeland, Kiana Lese, Riley McCann, Benjamin Morris, Noah Musolff, Lily Nicholson, Jena Nonnemacher, Brynn Radtke, Brady Renfro, Nicholas Roller, McKenzie Schroepfer, Tyler Schroepfer, Adelyn Smith, Alicia Turunen, Julia Westen, Margaret Winter.

2019 Senior 3 Sport 4 Year Athletes: Jordan Arrowood, Broden Bunnell, Nevin Cornelius, Chloe Decker, Alec Hotchkiss, Kaleb Jaje, Benjamin Morris, Tyler Schroepfer. 

President's Volunteer Service Award: Brynn Radtke. 

Steger Family Scholarship: Lily Nicholson. 

Chris Blemke Memorial Scholarship: Emma Jaje, 

Antigo Wrestling Club Scholarship: Neil Bretl, Nick Roller. 

Antigo Lions Club Scholarship: Kiana Lese, Emma Packard. 

Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 434 Scholarship: Noah Musolff. 

Antigo Kiwanis Scholarship: Rebecca Kubacki, Bobbie Novak, Emma Packard, Brynn Radtke. 

Insulation Contractors’ Association of Northern Wisconsin & Upper Michigan, Inc.: Emma Jaje.

UW-Stout Polytechnic Scholarship: Nicholas Roller.

UW-Stout Promising Student Scholarship: Aaron Haddaway, Noah Musolff, Ethan Royce. 

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award: Nathan Deep. 

UW-Stevens Point Paper Science & Chemical Engineering Foundation: Abigail Lewandowski. 

Elizabeth Macasalyn Hill Kessler Scholarship: Brynn Radtke. 

Antigo Education Scholarship: Julia Westen. 

Ruth Coyer Memorial Scholarship: Sophia Schroeder. 

Kurt Hoerman Scholarship: Benjamin Morris, McKenzie Schroepfer. 

Kenneth Thiede Memorial:  Noah Musolff. 

Eric Scharenbrock Bear Paw Resort Scholarship: Tyler Schroepfer. 

Marty Devine Memorial Scholarship: Julia Wild 

Antigo Junior Woman’s Club Scholarship: Chloe Decker, Gabriella Held 

The Hoffman Family Scholarship: Kiana Lese. 

Ed Stasek Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Deep, Lily Nicholson. 

Ed Vavruska Memorial Scholarship: 4-year Progressive: Cassandra Fay, Brenna Lundgren, Stella Quinlan; 1-year: Kiana Lese, Abigail Lewandowski, Alicia Turunen. 

George & Alice Vassau Scholarship: Nathan Deep. 

Gerald & Dorothy Volm Memorial Scholarship: Chloe Decker. 

Peter Neidl Memorial Scholarship: Julia Westen. 

Bob & Cindy Hilger Foundation Scholarship: Isabella Kneeland. 

James Traut Memorial Scholarship: Rebecca Kubacki. 

Shirley Barta Scholarship: Julia Westen. 

Virginia Lynett Memorial Scholarship: Adelyn Smith. 

Dave Jorgenson Family Scholarship: Madeline Spencer. 

Francis Berberian Memorial Scholarship: Brett Farmer, Isabella Kneeland, Abigail Lewandowski, Lily Nicholson, Tyler Schroepfer. 

Janet Wentzer Johnson Memorial Scholarship: Abigail Lewandowski. 

Sam Jacobson Memorial Scholarship: Dustin Scherer. 

Barby Mattes Wagner Memorial Scholarship: Brynn Radtke. 

James & Diane Fronek Block Memorial Scholarship: Jena Nonnemacher. 

Red Robin Scholarship: Anja Busse, Broden Bunnell, Kelly Cooper, Chloe Decker, Nathan Deep, Brett Farmer, Olivia Fischer, Noah Fittante, Arron Haddaway, Aidan Hafner, Gabriella Held, Kaleb Jaje, Kelly Kamin, Isabelle Kneeland, Kiana Lese, Abigail Lewandowski , Jaren Meinert, Jordan Miinch, Benjamin Morris, Noah Musolff, Lily Nagel, Lily Nicholson, Bobbie Novak, Emma Packard, Brynn Radtke, Aaliyah Rose, Ethan Royce, Elizabeth Rustick, Ethan Schmidt, Dustin Scherer, McKenzie Schroepfer, Tyler Schroepfer, Adelyn Smith, Madeline Spencer, Tanesha Spencer, Wilhemina Steger, Alicia Turunen, Marnie Umland, Danielle Wild, Julia Wild, Margaret Winter, Caroly Kaegi.

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