To the editor,

Being a new resident of beautiful Antigo, i wish to comment on our recycling drop-off point northwest of town. Thank you for the opportunity and easy accessibility to dispose of our recyclables.

I know for a fact that the city of Antigo (Charley) has adjusted the capacity of the recyclables to meet its residents’ needs and has made every effort to make the drop off of recyclables and what is not recyclable and how to recycle.

Yet, I still see plastic bags caught in the machinery (gears) where the recyclables are sorted and cause shutdowns of machinery until resolved. The unbroken cardboard boxes reduces the bin volume, thus reducing the volume of space that could be used by the next person that wants to recycle.

Please break your cardboard boxes down to save room in green bins. Use paper bags to hold your recyclables in lieu of plastic bags.

Thank you.

Chuck Willey