To the editor,

This is in response to the letter, “Do you support democracy or not?”

The letterwriter did not mention that she is the head of the Langlade County Democratic Party. I support democracy and am proud to have voted for President Trump. The letterwriter spews venom that Trump incited insurrection during the Washington march. That is propaganda. The Trump supporters were there for peaceful protest, because Washington is not listening.

The president said in his speech to march to the Capitol “to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.” What do the Democrats not understand about those words? The president publicly condemned the riot. It has been determined that outside radicals planned and were involved in inciting the riot.

The radical Democrats quickly blamed the president and did a snap impeachment without facts. Pelosi and her puppets are doing a smear campaign to destroy Trump and the 75 million who voted for him. Now the Langlade County Democratic chair is trying to brainwash the readers of this paper.

I voted absentee, and my vote was stolen. I had to request a ballot and the clerk verified and sent me a ballot, which I filled out and it had to be witnessed. That is Wisconsin law. In Milwaukee, they did not do that. They passed out ballots like candy and ignored the law. Wisconsin had a fraudulent election. This same thing happened in other states. Fake news covers it up.

Pelosi controls her puppets, because she received big donor money and passes it out as election time. Fall in line or no campaign money. Seventeen minutes after Trump took office, the headlines were to “impeach Trump.”

First a phony Russian investigation. A phony Ukraine impeachment. Now they say Trump incited a riot and 10 days before his term ends, the Democrats did a quick smear impeachment. No hearing, no testimony and no facts. They want to embarrass Trump and his supporters. They embarrass themselves. We need term limits to get the big money payola our of Washington.

This president has accomplished more in the first term then any president in history, which includes the greatest economy ever, lowest unemployment ever and tax cuts and much more. His record speaks for itself, and he did it with little cooperation from the Washington swamp. Thank you, President Trump.

Biden and his family have milked foreign country’s for millions of dollars in payola. On live TV, Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in six hours if Ukraine they did not fire a prosecutor that was doing an investigation that included his son. The prosecutor got fired. That is treason, and Biden should be prosecuted. How about the Biden sweetheart deal with China?

Get ready, more will be coming out about the Bidens’ corruption. Unless we drain the Washington swamp, China, big tech and big corporations aligned with China will force their socialist agenda on the American public to get cheap foreign labor and to mute the voice of the average American citizen.

William Dieck