To the editor,

Right now the Department of Natural Resources is considering whether to allow a Canadian corporation—Enbridge—to install 41 miles of new pipeline across northwestern Wisconsin.

Enbridge would like to reroute and expand their old “Line 5” to go around the Bad River Reservation, where their leases have expired and not been renewed. Line 5 moves oil extracted from the tar sands of Alberta on its way toward refineries in Ontario.

Enbridge pipelines have already caused the two biggest inland oil spills in American history, in Minnesota in 1991 and Michigan in 2010, as well as many smaller ones, including along Line 5.

A lengthened Line 5 would cross and thus endanger even more streams and wetlands than it already does—not to mention Copper Falls, Lake Superior and other bodies of water downstream.

Finally, it would contravene a recommendation made by the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, to “oppose new or expanding infrastructure whose primary purpose is transporting fossil fuels through Wisconsin.”

If you have concerns about deforestation, water pollution or global warming, and want to see a shift toward renewable energy projects that respect Indigenous rights and provide more long-term jobs than tar sands pipelines do, I urge you to contact Governor Evers and the DNR. Please ask them to stop Enbridge from expanding Line 5.

Gregory Mikkelson


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