To the editor,

Liberals are an interesting bunch. They live in a fantasy world fueled by the mainstream media of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Twitter and Facebook , etc. Most are either not bright enough to know they are being played, or they are just too lazy to research the truth. The truth has become harder to find these days due to all the censorship by Big Tech, but it’s still out there for those that seek it.

The fact is that this election was stolen by the Democratic Party and most likely aided and financed by a foreign nation. I find it interesting that anyone on either side would not favor fair and honest elections. All the representatives that questioned the election were attempting to do is have a hearing or forensic audit to insure that the election was not fraudulent. If the Democrats have nothing to hide, why would they so vehemently oppose a closer look at the results?

Not a single court in the country has seen the mountains of evidence of fraud that was employed during the Nov. 3 Election. It’s available, but they simply gave ludicrous excuses on why they couldn’t look at it. Perhaps your left leaning readers could answer some of the following questions concerning Wisconsin’s election:

1. Why did the ballot counting stop nearly simultaneously in five states including Wisconsin?

2. How we were able to have more voters than were registered in some counties?

3. Why were unrequested absentee ballots counted even though that violates state law?

4. A reasonable explanation of the “spikes” for Biden in the early hours of Nov. 4.

5. Why Republican poll watchers were not allowed to observe the count?

6. How we achieved a nearly 90% voter turnout in our state that is normally around 70%?

7. Why over 62,000 votes were for Biden only and no candidates marked below him?

8. How Trump received over 200,00 more votes than in 2016 and yet still lost the state?

9. Why were over 200,000 citizens exempted from Wisconsin voter ID laws?

Dane County Clerk Scott Mcdonel and Milwaukee Clerk George Christenson advised voters to simply mark themselves as “Indefinitely Confined.” Even when our own Supreme Court struck this practice down, why were those votes not cast out?

10. Why were the 130,000 outdated names not purged from the voting roles?

11. Why were local county election clerks allowed to fill in missing addresses?

12. How many Dominion voting machines were used and in what counties?

13. How many voting machines in Wisconsin were connected to the internet?

14. How many voting machines in Wisconsin used Smartmatic software?

15. Why were voting drop boxes allowed during the election when they are clearly against Wisconsin law, and why were those ballots not segregated?

This is certainly not a complete list of Wisconsin’s Nov. 3 2020, election problems but it’s a good starting point. Go ahead, Liberals. Call the few honest politicians names for trying to insure fair and honest elections. You just continue to show your ignorance and total contempt for the very system that makes us the envy of the world.

Leonard Boltz