Tracy Anderson, Corey Krull, and Doug Kunst proved the best keglers in last week’s lane action at Chet & Emils.

Anderson dominated the week nine edition of the Monday Women’s League, bombing for honors with her 619 series highlighted by a 233 game.

Kim Zeller and Courtney Tryba vied for second and third, Zeller notching a 570 series and 220 game, Tryba ripping 527 series and a high game of 221.

Krull was the man of the night in the Tuesday Commercial League, earning entry to the honors lounge on virtue of his 746 series, high game 269. Kunst rolled into second, honors as well at 716 and 267.

Reid Praslowicz fired a 257 game and Tyler Krull a 666 series in what was week ten of League play for bowlers.

Kunst led the Wednesday Business League, settling down a 637 series, chased by Steve Preuss at 574 and Paul Hanke at 564.

Top games flew from Lane King, 256, Dave Schmidt, 244, and Jeremy Praslowicz’s high score read 220.

Jordyn Krueger earned the podium for the Thursday Early Birds League, posting a 522 series and 197 game.

Krueger was followed by Zeller with 520 and 183.

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