Toby Dieck and Nick Arrowood brought the turkeys, and side dishes as well, to the Three’s Company bowling league competition on Thursday at North Star.

Dieck stuffed his scoresheet with a 744 series, cooked on games of 238, 263, and 243. Arrowood was in the kitchen as well, roasting up a series of 722 on games of 235, 279, and 208.

The rest of the best celebrating on the mens’ side were Chris Orgeman, 689 and 236; Dennis Seis, 683 and 248; Matt Steger, 676 and 266; and Paul Bula, 668 and 267.

Laurie Bastle and Jennie Volkman dueled in the ladies division, Bastle emerging in the lead with her 523 series and 192 game, Volkman rolling in at 515 and 188.


The New Guys 637-693-609-1939

Mepps 611-621-719-1951

Southside Tire #1 703-751-711-2165

Incredibowls 655-681-668-2004

Southside Tire #2 679-734-677-2090

Malliette Bus 661-754-584-1999

Not Bobs 689-683-678-2050

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