Doug Kunst had a week at Chet & Emils bowling lanes in Birnamwood, smashing a big-time 777 series in one league and firing off a 268 game in another.

Kunst’s 777 honor series came in the Wednesday Business league. Tim Lemke was no slouch himself that night, bombing a 729 series of his own. Shawn Walkush rolled into third with a 679 total.

Lane King (if that is your real name sir) fired the high game at 279. Jeremy Praslowicz bowled a 258 and Tyler Krull a 233.

Kunst was doing work the night before as well in the Tuesday Commercial league, where that 268 game found a tie with Dan Rew’s same score. Lemke was not far behind with his 262 game.

Logan Schmidt bested Kunst for the high series, 692 to 683. Jared Szews was third at 672.