Karen McCarthy emerged as the victor of a tight three-way battle in last week’s edition of the Northland Ladies Wednesday bowling league at North Star Lanes.

McCarthy knocked down the night’s best two games of 211 and 218, sending her on the path to the top series as well, a 579.

Jacki Fore and Kathy Wendt stayed right on McCarthy’s trail all night, but that 218 game proved to be the difference. Fore was just five pins behind, in second with her 574 series and a 203 game. Wendt rolled into third on a 572 series and 201 game.

The scores were likewise bunched tightly at the fourth through sixth place slots. Jennifer Kressin scored a 526 series and 208 game; Janice Meyer spilled 524 and a 208 of her own; and Kristen Mattmiller was right in the mix at 522 and 188.

The rest of the best bowlers of the evening were Camree Powell, 520 and 210 (third highest single league game); Steph Steger, 515 and 202; Jennie Volkman, 514 and 180; and Jamee Doucette, 507 and 189.


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