Brian Mattmiller and Minnie Steger swept the top spots Saturday, during Couples Bowling League play at Antigo’s North Star Lanes.

Mattmiller rolled a top scratch series of 759, edging rival Dave Steger Jr. by 14 pins, as Steger bowled a 745. Chris Orgeman was a distant third at 645.

Next up was Ryan Shafranski’s 639 series, with Matt Steger at 622 and Paul Bula with a 612.

Included in Mattmiller’s series was the night’s high game of 279. Steger was also second with a 256 game and Orgeman a pin back with a high game of 255.

On the ladies side, Minnie Steger rolled the high series, a 564, including the night’s top game of 236.

Jayne Bula was only eight pins behind Steger with a 556, followed by Melissa Baker in third with a 530. Laurie Bastle bowled a 512 and Jennie Volkman also cracked 500, with a 503.

Team Scores

Team Brian Pro Shop 2,880

3 Jokers 2,833

Heartbreaker’s 2,825

Not Bob’s 2,769

Wrecking Balls 2,725

Lakeland Furniture 2,709

The Inlaws 2,687

Elton Eagles 2,675

Idk 2,644

North Star 2,637

Kind of Shady 2,617

No Clue 2,615

Hot Rods 2,579

Potato Bugs 2,531